Die Attach Film (DAF)

Semiconductor (Backend)


Resonac’s die attach films (DAF) combine function of dicing tapes and die bonding films suitable for semiconductor wafer singulation and bonding process.


  • Contributes to the reliability of semiconductor packages using DAF technology that provides low elasticity with excellent thermal stress relaxation, high adhesive strength, and superior heat resistance.
  • Wide variety of products for applications from 3D NAND and DRAM memory devices to lead frames.
    • Film thickness from ultra-thin types to thick types for FOW (film over wire) and FOD (film over die) applications.
    • High Elastic modulus for good wire bondability of small chip
    • Suitable for new processes such as SDBG (Stealth Dicing Before Grinding), in addition to conventional blade dicing.
  • Excellent thermosetting adhesive film technology is used to expand various applications.
    Offer DAF single layer products for electronic components and modules.

Film Characteristics & Line-Up

*The data in this table are representative values and do not guarantee quality. The values are subject to change without notice due to the optimization of measurement conditions or other reasons.

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