FANCRYL Overview

Resonac is one of only four companies in the world who manufactures DCPD (dicyclopentadienyl) monomers. These monomers have numbers of unique features inherent to the chemical structure itself. Innovative Solution – Low cure shrinkage monomers improve dimensional accuracy of 3D printed objects.


(1) Low cure shrinkage monomers improve dimensional accuracy of 3D printed objects. Fancryl 500 Series has a bulky DCPD structure that contributes to low cure shrinkage when added to 3D print resin formulations, which improves the dimensional accuracy of 3D printed objects with fine, complicated shapes.

(2) Less oxygen sensitive monomers improve the yield rate of 3D print objects Fancryl 500 Series is not affected by oxygen inhibition compared to other monofunctional

Our Proposal Products Based on Applications

Applications Products (our proposal) Features
LCD, Touch panel
FA-511AS, FA-512AS,
Good curing speed, Adhesiveness, Toughness, Low permittivity
FA-111A, FA-311A Rapid curing, Adhesiveness, Toughness, Flexibility
FA-512M, FA-711MM Adjust of curing speed
LCD, Touch panel
adhesives for resin
FA-400M(100) Adhesiveness, Polymeric stability (Lower diester)
LCD resist FA-511AS, FA-513M,
High Tg, Hardness, Water resistance
3D Printings FA-511AS, FA-512AS,
FA-513AS, FA-512M,
Good curing speed, Hardness, Low shrinkage, Dimensional stability
Insulating ink FA-511AS, FA-512AS,
Reducibility, Adhesiveness, Rapid curing, Lower impurity, Corrosion resistance for metal
UV inks, coatings FA-511AS, FA-512AS,
FA-513AS, FA-111A,
FA-222A, FA-P240A etc.
Rapid curing, Hardness, Lower viscosity, etc.
Photochromic lens
FA-320MP, FA-326M,
FA-321M, FA-BZM,
Lower impurity, Coloration resistance, Reducibility
 Material for concrete FA-512MT, FA-321M,
FA-320MP, FA-3218M
Toughness, Lower odor, (for repair, adhesives)
FA-1000M, FA-2000M
Hydrophilicity, (for admixture)
Floor coatings,
repair material,
Diluent for vinyl ester
FA-512MT, FA-124M,
FA-125M, FA-321M,
Toughness, Lower odor

FANCRYL 500 Series Chemical Structure

Fancryl 500 Series is monofunctional (meth)acrylate with a bulky DCPD structure.

DCPD Acrylates

DCPD Methacrylates

FANCRYL Grade Lineup

Product Name: Showa Denko Materials Fancryl
Chemical Name: Acrylates and Methacrylate

Download – Grade List

Properties FA-511AS FA-512AS FA-513AS FA-512MT
MF (MW) C13H16O2 (204) C15H20O3 (248) C13H18O2 (206) C16H22O3 (262) C14H20O2 (220)
CAS No. 33791-58-1 65983-31-5 79637-74-4 68568-19-6 34759-34-7
Appearance Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear liquid Clear liquid
Viscosity (mPa·s, at 25°C)  8-18 15-25 7-17 15-25 7-17
gravity (at 25°C)
1.07 1.08 1.05 1.07 1.04
Refractive index (nD25)
1.51 1.50 1.49 1.50 1.49
Tg (°C) 120 10-20 120 40-50 175

*FA-512M is distilled grade

FANCRYL Manufacturing Location

Japan: Ichihara, GOI Works

China: Nantong

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9:00 a.m.~5:00 p.m.
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