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LED Chip Overview

Visible Chips from Resonac (formerly Showa Denko) come in a wide range of specifications such as, Gallium Phosphide LED chips, Gallium Arsenic phosphide LED chips, Aluminum Gallium Arsenide LED chips, and Aluminum Indium Gallium Phosphide LED chips. We have various luminance levels and colors, such as red, green, yellow-green, yellow, and orange. They are used in various applications such as displays, automobile tail lamps, back lights, plant cultivation, and lighting.


Infrared Chips, such as Gallium Arsenide LED chips and Aluminum Gallium Arsenide LED chips, make up our infrared lineup. We have various chip structures, such as Substrate removal type, Single side 2 electrode type, and reflection type.

We also have various wavelengths and outputs ranging from 660nm to 970nm. They are used in applications such as remote controls, sensors, opto couplers, opto-interrupters, and medical.

Catalog and Specification

We do have wide range of grades to conform with your application.
Please contact us for further details, so we can recommend you the best suit for your request. Or please feel free to check the main grades and application data here.

Catalogue Download

Download PDF – LED Chip 2022 Catalogue
Download PDF – Infrared LED chip for Optocoupler

Data Sheet – MOCVD LED

Download PDF – P85-26ATA
Download PDF – P85-26GTA
Download PDF – R66-26GSA
Download PDF – R66-35GSA
Download PDF – R69-52GSA
Download PDF – R78-26GSE
Download PDF – R78-35GSE
Download PDF – R81-35GSE
Download PDF – R85-26GSE
Download PDF – R85-35GSE
Download PDF – R85-52GSE
Download PDF – R85-110GWS
Download PDF – R87-35GSE
Download PDF – R94-35GSE
Download PDF – R94-110GWS
Download PDF – R97-35GSE

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