LIFTTOP Traction Battery


LIFTTOP Traction Battery Overview

“LIFTTOP” is the new brand of our traction battery since 2020. We will continue to provide highly reliable and long-life batteries.

LIFTTOP Technologies

 Positive Plate


[Pressure Casting Spine]

Our patented lead-alloy composition, enhanced with advanced technology to control the pressure casting of the positive spine is reliable, durable for usage in harsh environment and reduce self discharge rate.


  • Better corrosion resistance (Evaluated at 1200 cycles).
  • Higher tensile strength of 1.5x higher than conventional type.

[Glass Fiber Clad Tube]

We adopted glass fiber clad tube that can prevent leakage of active materials during usage.
Our patented application of glass fiber also provides excellent heat resistance & chemical resistance which contribute the overall high performance of the battery.

[Positive Active Material]

The active material used on the positive plate is perfectly developed to greatly enhance the longevity and increase the high capacity of the battery.

Representative patents/patent applications

  • Long-life technology with optimized glass tubes
Country/Region Patent Number
Japan 6380707
International patent PCT/JP2019/027179*
Many others (Japan, Europe, Kore, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and others)

* Application Number

Negative Plate



We have adopted sealed-up structure to reduce the risk of internal short circuit for the negative plate. This structure is designed in a unique way. Each of our negative plates is enveloped by polyethylene separator, which is sealed on all sides by mechanical seal and ultrasonic seal on the top side. 

[Negative Active Material]

The reacting area has increased by about 20% in comparison with our conventional types. Thanks to the new negative electrode additives developed by our company, the discharge capacity at low temperature has increased about 10% compared with our previous model.

Representative patent applications/design patent applications

  • Long-life technology with envelope type separator designed with a unique structure
Country/Region Patents/Design Patents Patent Number
International patent Patent PCT/JP2019/030747*
Japan Design Patent 2020-001886*
Many others

* Application Number

History of LIFTTOP

Inheriting unique technologies and intellectual properties cultivated in more than 100 years of history.

1916 Shin Kobe Electric Machinery was established and began manufacturing of lead acid battery.
1979 Began manufacturing and sales of traction battery.
1987 Began manufacturing and sales of “LIFTTOP” series.
2010 Began manufacturing and sales of “SUPER<LIFTTOP> ECO” series.
2016 Shin Kobe Electric Machinery was merged with Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. Hitachi
2020 On Oct. 1st, Hitachi Chemical changes its company name to “Showa Denko Materials”.
2021 Energywith Co., Ltd. has succeeded the energy storage devices and systems business from Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd.

* The origin of new brand < LIFTTOP > is series name of our traction battery.

Intelectual Property List

Our battery has been reborn as a new brand LIFTTOP while inheriting unique technologies and intellectual properties cultivated in the history of more than 100 years.

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