Molecular Sieve


Molecular Sieve Overview

Molecular sieve is moisture adsorbent with high strength, heat resistance and various shapes and sizes to answer numerous applications. It is also known as synthetic zeolite.

We are expanding many new applications in drying, refining and separation processes in industries such as oil refining and petrochemical. Resonac group (formerly Showa Denko) has been manufacturing and selling molecular sieves for more than 50 years, and providing excellent products to a wide range of industries.

Based on our own technology, we do provide proposal and consultation about the selection of adsorbents, the most suitable grade. Also, we could give suggestion regarding the design of adsorption facilities.


Refrigerator and Air Conditioner

  • Drying of refrigerant


  • Double glazing window (air drying)
  • Dehumidifier (air drying)
  • Curtains and carpets (materials deodorization)


  • Molecular sieve for PSA O2/Oxygen generator (separation of N2 / O2 in air). PSA type cycle for high purity Oxygen.
  • Packaging material for medicines and test agents (air drying, materials deodorization )


  • Air conditioner (drying of refrigerant)
  • Air brake (air drying )
  • Lithium battery electrolyte (drying / purification of materials)

Convenience store

  • Bento container (removal of resin odor)
  • Water Treatment
  • Purifier (removal of pollutants)

Oil refinery

  • Reformer (removal of chlorine compounds)
  • LPG purification for aerosols
  • LPG refining equipment (removal of sulfur compounds, etc.)

Air plant

  • Raw material air refining equipment (air water / CO2 removal)


  • Exhaust gas purification device (removal of VOCs in exhaust gas)

Power plant

  • Electric barrier (drying of insulating gas)
  • Wastewater treatment equipment (removal of radioactive substances in contaminated water)


We offers high-quality molecular sieve products, from basic grades to specialized products to meet your needs.

Molecular Sieve (3A, 4A, 5A, 13X)

Grades: 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X , and more special grades can be proposed.
Description: We have various grades of molecular sieve. With our original development and technology, they are loved by customers in various industries all over the world.
  • Oxygen concentrator for respiratory patient
  • Dehydration of air in compressed air brake systems in trucks, buses.
  • Moisture removal for curing process control in polymer paints, epoxies and urethanes
  • Refrigerant dehydration in automotive and refrigerator
  • Dehydration in packaging / containers for products such as pharmaceuticals, test kits, vitamins, foods, candy, machine parts, films, and instruments
  • Removal of impurity in Air separation plant / Natural gas plant / Chemical plant
  • High reliability with international standard
  • Global brand with customers around the world
  • Competitive price
  • High flexibility to be used with any facilities or branded systems
  • Free consultation via email / Whatsapp or on-site visit
Download PDF for Product type, grade, shape, size, and packaging information.

USKK Adsorbent Shape and Size

Bead Pellet  TrisivTM Powder
Diameter = 4×8, 8×12, etc *
*4×8 = 4 ~ 8Mesh
(Mesh; ASTM Standard)
Diameter = 1.6 or 3.2mm
(1/16 or 1/8inch)
Diameter = 3.2 or 6.4mm
(1/8 or 1/4 inch)
Mean particle size: 10μm or less
Often used for small devices, such as automotive parts.
Often used in petroleum refining and chemical industry plants.
Cloverleaf cross section
Often used in chemical plants. Excellent in balance between dynamic adsorption capability and pressure drop.
White powder
Often added to resins to dry resins or provide additional characteristics (e.g., to produce hygroscopic packing materials.)


Ethos™ for Bio-ethanol Industry

Description: Showa Denko group has developed new molecular sieve for dehydration process in Bioethanol industry named ETHOS™, which is specially designed to suit for Ethanol production process. ETHOS™ provides great heat resistance and high crush strength, still bold performance on moisture adsorption
Application: Zeolite for dehydration in ethanol purification process
  • Increase productivity by its heat shock resistance and high crush strength
  • Non-sensitive to heat and movement
  • Long lifetime
  • Competitive price
Download PDF – ETHOS™ Specification


APG Series for Gas Processing

Description: Molecular Sieve specialized in gas processing.
  • Natural gas dehydration
  • Natural gas impurities removal >> Mercury/Sulfur/CO2
  • Removal of Olefin compound in LPG
Customer Benefits:
  • Customized selection
  • High product quality with worldwide record
  • Good customer services such as on-site visit with local support and – providing analysis of current absorbent
Download PDF – LPG flyer


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