SHOROX™ Overview

SHOROX™ is CeO2 abrasive for glass polishing. This high quality SHOROX is developed by the long history of Tohoku Metal Chemical Co., Ltd. and the production, assessment, and management technologies of Resonac Corporation (Tohoku Metal Chemical Co., Ltd., a member of our group, industrially produced the first CeO2 abrasive in Japan.)


SHOROX™ has various range of product kinds to apply for:

  • Glass substrates
  • Optical glasses
  • Hard disk glass plates
  • Quartz
  • Photomasks, and others.

Hence our end users are mainly hard disk, glass disks, camera lenses manufacturers.


We do have wide range of grades to conform with your application.
Please kindly contact us for further details, so we can recommend you the best suit for your request. Or please feel free to check the main grades and application data here.

Download PDF – SHOROX™ Catalog

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