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Apprecier™ & Ascomate-C™ Vitamin C Derivative Overview

Our Vitamin C derivatives are active ingredients for your skincare. We have 2 kind of Vitamin C derivatives which named Apprecier™ (APPS), providing high effectiveness on anti-aging at low dosage. Apprecier significantly reduces melanin production in reconstructed human skin model, with oil and water solubility. And, “Ascomate-C™” (APM) is good for brightening and anti-acne at affordable price.

Both of them have difference characteristics and benefits from different chemical formulas. However, we do guarantee on the stability of product quality and effectiveness. Free sample is available, so please feel free to drop us your enquiry.

Product Details

Apprecier™ (APPS) Premium Vitamin C derivative

Apprecier is a stabilized provitamin C formed from L-ascorbyl 2-phosphate (aqueous Vitamin C) and L-ascorbyl 6-palmitate (oil soluble Vitamin C), an amphipathic compound. L-ascorbyl 2-phosphate is a strong scavenger of free radicals and is capable of promoting collagen synthesis in the skin, effective for anti-aging. L-ascorbyl 6-palmitate is a fat-soluble form of vitamin C, and is capable of getting into the lipid domains of biological systems. It can protect cell membranes and Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) against oxidation. Apprecier™ is easily soluble in water and forms an emulsion, which helps its infiltration into the dermis through the epidermis.

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Ascomate-C™ (APM)

Ascomate-C™ or Ascorbyl Phosphate Magnesium (magnesium L-ascorbyl 2-phosphate, APM) is stable vitamin C (ascorbic acid, AsA) derivatives. APM have mainly been utilized as an active ingredient of whitening cosmetics. Recent investigations show us various possibilities to utilize them as multi functioning, stable “provitamin C”. Intradermal and Ectodermal protective effects against UV-generated radicals suggest these materials would be suitable for UV-care products as well. APM is stable under atmospheric conditions, safe and effective quenchers of intradermal reactive oxygen species, physiologically more effective than native vitamin C, capable of improving various skin problems.

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We do provide details of technical data for many formulas such as collagen, anti-acne, whitening, please feel free to drop us your interest.

Apprecier™ and Ascomate-C™ Formulation Reference

Apprecier™ (APPS) Formulation

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Ascomate-C™ (APM) Formulation

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