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TPNa™ Vitamin E Derivative Overview

TPNa™ is the only water-soluble Vitamin E derivative available in the world!
Vitamin E (α-tocopherol) is one of the most important vitamins for cosmetic, and it protects skin from oxidative attack of radicals and peroxide.

TPNa™ introduced a phosphoryl group to protect its oxygen-sensitive hydroxyl group in Tocopherol. It can quickly convert to Vitamin E into your skin, also high Vitamin E concentration in the formulation, recovers the skin problems and brings the freshness and youth of the skin in a short time.

TPNa™ is registered an active ingredient for Quasi Drug in Japan for the prevention and cure of rough dry skin and Quasi Drug Additive for anti-oxidant.

TPNa™ Details

INCI Name: Sodium dl-α-tocopheryl Phosphate
Form: powder
CAS Reg No.: 113170-55-1

The oxygen-sensitive hydroxyl group of Tocopherol is chemically modified and protected with a phosphoryl group. Once absorbed in skin, TPNa™ is readily converted to the active tocopherol via hydrolysis catalyzed by phosphatase, a ubiquitous enzyme in skin.

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TPNa™ Features

Enhancement on ceramides synthesis in the skin. Increase the cuticle moisture content within a short period
Anti-inflammatory and radical-scavenging effect prevents and cures your skin from troubles that cause lipid-oxidations and inflammations i.e. acne, Erythema.
Skin protection against UV irradiation from ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). Prevent significant damage on collagens and dermis strain, which helps you to keep the freshness and youth of the skin.

TPNa™ Formulation Reference

Download PDF – Clear Lotion

Download PDF – Milk lotion

Download PDF – Eye Cream

Download PDF – Gel

We do provide details of technical data for many formulas such as collagen, anti-acne, whitening, please feel free to drop us your interest via our enquiry form.

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