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Announcement of Paperless Product Operation Manuals and Certificate of Analysis and Product Package Renewal

31 January 2023

As a part of our environmental contribution, Shodex will shift to provide digital versions of operation manuals and certificate of analysis (CoA) instead of enclosing their printed versions in the products. We will start the action with some products and sequentially shifting into the digital versions, aiming in all Shodex products. This process begins in January 2023.

Digital versions are ready for those products provided without enclosed printed versions. Please make sure to download them before use. Please check the URL and 2D barcode for download on the package of the target product.

Furthermore, we will start using renewed packages. You may find the operation manual and CoA download website address written on the package. This new package is constructed only from cardboard papers.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with Shodex‘s environmental efforts.

Shodex New Packaging Design


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