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GMM Non-Stick Coating Overview

GMM Nonstick Coatings is an ISO 9001 certified global supplier of non-stick coatings to the cookware, bakeware, and electrical appliance industries.

GMM has decades of experience supplying the highest quality custom-made non-stick systems to our clients around the world. Each day, over 40 million Americans use GMM nonstick coatings in their kitchens when they cook.

The management and staff of GMM have been working in the Housewares market for many years, and understand the important role that our nonstick coatings play in the industry. We love coming up with ideas that can help our clients grow. GMM will custom build a coating material to meet the needs of any application that you have. Besides cookware, bakeware, and electrics, we have designed nonstick coatings for everything from copper garlic presses to paper pizza boards. GMM’s nonstick coatings are as good or (in most cases) better than any other nonstick coating in the world. This fact has been confirmed in outside independent tests as well as in a multitude of internal tests.

GMM’s products are designed to be applied under standard cure schedules and application equipment. Your OEM factory will have no issues in switching to GMM material, and will find no mysteries in getting used to our products whatsoever.

Houseware Coating

Duramax (3-Coat)

The highest quality 3-coat nonstick system that GMM offers. DURAMAX transcends typical “internal reinforcing” technology by using nanotechnology to atomically harden the resins that are typically the weak links in the coating system. This breakthrough has given GMM an order of magnitude increases in coating durability, and is the reason that the highest quality cookware companies globally are using DURAMAX.

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Duraslate (2-Coat)

The highest quality 2-coat nonstick system that GMM offers. DURASLATE is internally reinforced in a very special manner, using “matrix technology”.

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Duraceram (2-Coat Ceramic)

A cutting edge 2-coat ceramic coating that is totally free of PTFE, and has unparalleled durability and abrasion resistance. Unlike other ceramic coatings, DURACERAM has food release capabilities that go beyond “easy clean.” DURACERAM is perfect for applications where there is a high need for temperature resistance such as griddles, woks, iron sole plates, cookware, and curling irons.

DURACERAM reaches a previously-unheard of pencil hardness of 8-9H, while still maintaining excellent heat resistance properties and moderate nonstick properties.

DURACERAM can be applied on various metal substrates with light grit blasting, and its low baking temperature provides great energy and cost savings.

DURACERAM meets the FDA standard 21CFR 175-300 as well as all ROHS standards, and is available in breathtaking color options.

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Marrlex (For Roller Coating)

Roller Coating is a process that involves coating aluminum discs with a specially designed machine that virtually eliminates coating loss. These coated circles will be pressed into cookware, in a process known as “deep drawing.”

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Ceram-X (Silicone-Ceramic Hybrid)

The highest quality “hybrid” ceramic coating that GMM offers for bakeware, and is being used by many of the leading global manufacturers. It offers unparalleled scratch resistance (5-6H pencil hardness) and Unparalleled heat resistance (over 650°F)

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Industrial Coating

Area of Application Coating Application Benefits Through Coatings
Self Tapping Screw Corrosion Resistance Prevent corrosion
Steering Shaft Yokes Lubrication, Corrosion Resistance Free Movement
Seat Belt Clips Corrosion Resistance, Lubrication Operator Fail-Safe
Electric Seat Adjustment Lubrication, Corrosion Resistance Smooth Operation, Long life
Solenoids Non-sticks, Lubrication Prevent Fouling
Door Hinge Pins Corrosion Resistance Prevent Corrosion
Rubber Gaskets Lubrication Better Seals
Springs Corrosion Resistance, Lubrication Prevent Corrosion,
Noise Reduction
Hose clamps Lubrication Provides Even Tightness to Hose
Steering Column
Safety Clipsids
Corrosion Resistance, Lubrication Assure Collapse in a Crash
Air-Conditioning Piston lubrication No Galling, Longer Life
Engine Head Gaskets Low COF, Heat Resistance,
Low Maintenance, Allow Slip During Expansion
Piston Skirts Lubrication Less Scuff and Wear,
Increased Gas Mileage
Metal Bearing Corrosion Resistance, Lubrication Less Expensive


Low Friction Coatings

Substrate SS, Iron Steel, Cold Rolled Iron, Aluminium, etc
Pretreatment Sandblasting / Phosphating
Dry Film Thickness (DFT) 22 – 25 Micron
Baking temp. 170 – 280ºC
Color Availability Lighter Darker Colors
Heat Resistance 150 – 200ºC
Salt Spray Resistance 144 -240 Hr
Pencil Hardness 3H – 5H
  • Fasteners
  • Gasket
  • Piston & Swash Plate
  • Petrol & Gasoline Resistance
  • Bearing Cap & Cages
  • Garden Tools

High Heat Resistance Coatings

Substrate Mild steel, Cold Rolled Iron
Pretreatment Sand Blasting / Phosphating
Dry Film Thickness (DFT) 22 – 25 Micron
Baking temp. 250 – 280ºC
Color Availability Darker Colors
Heat Resistance 450 – 650ºC
  • Muffler & Silencer
  • Fasteners
  • Photocopier & Rubber Roller
  • Mould Release
  • Textile Roller
  • Industrial O Ring


We are committed to constantly developing newer tests and procedures that are increasingly “kitchen realistic” yet non-subjective and very quantifiable.

Dry Film Thickness Egg Dry Frying Beef Fry
Gloss Boiling Salt Water Staining
Adhesion Boiling Oil Burnt Milk
Pencil Hardness Boiling Acetic Acid Salt Spray
MEK Resistance* Boiling Tomato Sauce Dishwasher
Dry Abrasion Resistance Stir Fry Tiger Paw
Wet Abrasion Resistance

*MEK Resistance is conducted to check whether the coating has properly cured or not.
^Rubbing test method

Click here to view GMM coating quality test results. We are proud that our best 2 and 3 coat systems outperform any other coatings that are available in the marketplace, and the data displayed below are routinely reconfirmed by our clients.

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