Film for Circuit Formation in Direct Imaging (RD Series)

Photosensitive Film (Photec)


Resonac’s resist materials for forming printed wiring board circuits are applicable to direct-writing exposure machines that pattern circuits using laser beams.


  • Provides excellent shaped resist profiles, and is capable of forming fine-pitch circuits based on film thickness.
  • Responds to circuit formation by semi-additive processing.
  • Applicable to direct-writing exposure machines.

Film Characteristics & Line-Up

※DE-1 UH was applied(Adtec Engineering Co.,Ltd, 405 nmDI)
Substrate roughness Ra:0.4 µm
Post exposure bake (P.E.B) : 80 degree C, 30 Sec. (Box Oven)
Developer : 1.0 wt% Na2CO3aq., 30 degree C, 0.16 MPa

Resist Profile

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