Film for Thick Film Resist Formation (HM Series)

Photosensitive Film (Photec)


Resonac’s photosensitive materials designed to form thick resist pattern layers are used for such applications as the copper plating process of printed wiring boards requiring a high aspect ratio and electroforming in metal mask manufacturing.


  • Superior resolution/adhesion and is capable of forming resists with a thickness more than double the hole diameter and line width.
  • Offers a thick film lineup (35-168 um) in response to various applications.
  • Superior chemical resistance, and applicable as a resist for copper plating and electroplating.
  • Responds to development with standard sodium carbonate solutions and peeling solutions used for printed wiring boards.
  • Provides smooth sidewall shapes.

Film Characteristics & Line-Up

※1Collimated light type

Resist Profile

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