Map Molding Support Tape (RT)

Semiconductor (Backend)


Resonac’s adhesive tapes are designed to prevent the leakage of resins attached to the backside of lead frames when map molding quad flat non-leaded (QFN) packages. Attaching on the reverse face of a lead frame, it has achieved no flush burr after molding and high productivity in wire bonding.


  • Superior wire bonding properties (including Cu wires) due to high Tg, high thermal stability, and low outgassing.
  • Superior performance in preventing resin leakage (burrs, mold flashes) during the molding process.
  • Low adhesive residue when peeling off the tape.
  • Contributes to enhanced productivity with stable wire bonding properties, burr prevention during molding, and low adhesive residue, especially for small package applications such as mini QFN, DFN, and SON.
  • Lineup suitability for Cu clip bonding and other high-temperature processes (300-400℃ reflow, etc.).

Tape Characteristics & Line-Up

※Heating is required for some lead frames and epoxy molding compounds.

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