Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) NH-860

Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC)

EMC NH-860 Overview

Resonac Corporation is one of the top providers of Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) for semiconductor industry, with more than 30 years’ experience. In Malaysia, we have 2 manufacturing sites and 1 R&D facility to support our local as well as world-wide customers. With the growing Automotive industry, semiconductor packaging has become increasingly challenging with requirement to meet AEC-Q100 Grade0 MSL1 standard and beyond. Resonac Corporation is developing new EMC to meet this challenge – NH-860 series. It is designed with low modulus and high adhesion strength to prevent delamination, and thus improving package reliability. NH-860 series meets good MSL and package reability performance with non-roughened QFN package.

In addition, NH-860 series enables semiconductor package leadframe to switch from roughened to non-roughened surface. Thus, it has good potential for overall package cost down.

Join us in this journey towards AEC-Q100 and beyond.


Through internal evaluation, NH-860K2 can meet good MSL performance for QFN and SOP packages as shown in table below.

Note: all leadframes are non-roughened.
Note: NH-860K2 is improvement from NH-860 which is the initial development item.

By using NH-860K2, it enables package cost reduction by changing leadframe (or lead-frame) from roughened to non-roughened surface.

NH-860 has low modulus and high adhesion properties to prevent delamination.

Properties Unit Mass Production EMC1 NH-860K2
Tg °C 102 100
Specific Gravity 2.00 1.99
CTE, α1 ppm/°C 10 9
CTE, α2 ppm/°C 31 34
Flexural Modulus (Room Temp.) GN/m2 28 27
Flexural Modulus (260°C) MN/m2 530 290
Ag adhesion (Room Temp.) MPa 7.9 8.4
Ag adhesion (260°C with soaking) MPa 0.4 0.3
PDF adhesion (Room Temp.) MPa 6.2 8.9
PDF adhesion (260°C with soaking) MPa 0.1 0.4

Refer to table above, NH-860K2 has lower modulus and higher adhesion strength to prevent delamination.

NH-860K2 Passed MSL1 with Zero Delamination

Non-roughened PPF QFN package

Non-roughened ring-AgCu QFN package

PKG size      : 10 x 10mm
Die pad size : 6.4 x 6.4mm
Die size        : 3 x 3 x 0.37mm

NH-860K2 Passed Continuous Molding 600 Shots

Achieve CTI 600V based on internal evaluation (based on IEC60112)

CTI Test
Drop Volume 0.997 – 1.147g for 50 drops
Drop height 35 ± 5mm
Electrolyte Ammonium chloride solution (0.1±0.02%)
Drop interval 30±5s
Short-circuit criterion >0.5A for 2s
EMC Thickness 3mm
Insulating Material
I 600 ≤ CTI NH-860K2
II 400 ≤ CTI < 600
IIIa 175 ≤ CTI < 400 (FR4)
IIIb 100 ≤ CTI < 175


Achieve AEC-Q100 Grade 0 Requirement

(1)  NH-860K2 pass TC 2000 cycles (-55°C to 150°C) on non-roughened PPF SO-28L leadframe.

(2)  NH-860K2 pass HTSL 2000 hours (175°C) on non-roughened PPF SO-28L leadframe.

(3)  NH-860K2 pass b-HAST 192 hours (130°C/85%RH/5V) on non-roughened PPF SO-28L leadframe.


For more information, kindly refer to Datasheet below.

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NH-860K2 properties

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