High Silica Zeolite


High Silica Zeolite Overview

High Silica Zeolite is a smell adsorber. It can be adapted to any type of application or stand-alone product. For example, it can be packed and put in toilet for unwanted smell adsorber until VOC treatment in industrial scale, solvent’s smell adsorption.

Unlike other deodorizer, High Silica Zeolite can fully adsorb odor you want to remove without giving any space to moisture. So, it can adsorb targeted smell at its maximum capacity.



  • Deodorant/ VOC treatment
  • Recovery of high concentration of value products or reusable solvents
  • Skincare: Body or foot powders
  • Deodorizer for room and rug
  • Fresheners for refrigerator, freezer and food container
  • Additives for pet litter, baby diapers
  • Smell absorbable film/masterbatch

Customer Benefits

  • Able to overcome the troubles that cannot be solved with conventional adsorbent
  • Conform to FDA (Food contact grade)
  • Able to select various grade depends on your application


Some sample of our performance on smell adsorption, compared to others.

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Download PDF – HSZ Performance


We do have wide range of grades to conform with your application.
Please kindly contact us for further details, so we can recommend you the best suit for your request. Or please feel free to check the main grades and application data here.

Kindly select on one of the following links below to start your download.

Download PDF – Grades

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