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Analysis of Contaminants Sucrose and Sorbitol in Cranberry Juice According to USP-NF Method (SC1011-7F)

13 December 2022

According to the United States Pharmacopeia and the National Formulary (USP-NF 2022 ISSUE 3Effective December 1, 2022), analysis of contaminants sucrose and sorbitol in cranberry juice should be carried out with a column with L19 packing material and meets following requirements. The Shodex EP SC1011-7F confirmed the requirements were met.

System suitability requirements:
   Resolution of sucrose and sorbitol: ≥ 1.8
   Relative standard deviation (RSD): ≤ 2.0 %

*The version at the time of the application acquisition.

Sample : 0.1 mg/mL each, 20 μL; 1. Sucrose, 2. Sorbitol

Columns : Shodex EP SC1011-7F (7.8 mm I.D. x 300 mm)
Eluent : H2O
Flow rate : 0.5 mL/min
Detector : RI Column temp. : 85 ℃

Source: – Analysis of Contaminants Sucrose and Sorbitol

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