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How aerosol spray works and what’s inside?

26 October 2022

During this time, we have received many inquiries from the aerosol industry. Unfortunately, it seems the price hike and supply shortage is going on for Molecular Sieve. However, you might be wondering what Molecular Sieve is and why the aerosol industry needs it. It is actually in our daily life, but we might not have noticed it before. Please let us walk you through the article about Molecular Sieve for the aerosol industry.

What is aerosol?

Firstly, the aerosol industry might sound too technical and give you a complicated feeling. To make it simple, dust or fog is an example of natural aerosols. It is a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in air or any gas. Mist also one of it.

How is it being used in the aerosol industry?

For industrial, we create synthetic aerosols by making use of the same physics. The suspension of fine particles, liquid or gas. Looking into the aerosol industry (aka spray industry), they make use of it to contain gas or liquid at room temperature. It is simply poured into the can and sealed. The popular propellant is liquefied gas. It is simply poured into the can, pumped at high pressure, and sealed.

Under a high level of pressure, liquid cannot turn into gas. Therefore, when you press the button for spraying, the valve is open, pressure becomes reduced. This liquid propellant will boil and form a gas layer on top. Then, it will push the real liquid product mixing with some of the liquid propellant up the tube to the nozzle. If you ever hear the ball rolling sounds when shaking the spray can, that “pea” helps to mix the liquid product and liquid propellant well together. And, the product will be pushed as a fine mist for us. It is one liquid pushing after another and getting shaped by the nozzle.

Inside a liquefied gas aerosol can

And, why do we need Molecular Sieve for the aerosol industry?

Liquefied gas is being used as liquid propellant that’s also mixing with the product. The gas is LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) which comes from natural source, but it shouldn’t be smelly for consumers. So, here is where Molecular Sieve comes.

Molecular Sieve is a desiccant that has very small holes which act as a filter to let only some smaller and equaled molecules go in, and the bigger ones cannot. Mercaptan is a sulfur compound that exists in LPG. I only mentioned sulfur compounds, but I suppose you could imagine that the smell is not very pleasant. Therefore, aerosol makers need to use Molecular Sieve to remove Mercaptan from LPG.

The general name of Molecular Sieve would be 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X. Molecular Sieve 13X is the most popular to be used in the aerosol industry to absorb Mercaptan smell for a nice deodorant, perfumes and other products.

Benefits of our Molecular Sieve

  • High crush strength, high quality for pressurized condition
  • Stable Supply: own factory, provide timely shipment.
  • Good price: we strive our best to lower your cost.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for any details of Molecular Sieve, or if you have any questions.
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